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The WT History Channel

Did you know WickedTickle was born in 2006?
We had a 7-year run before this one.
29 July 2019
Ellis Stroud (center, black guitar) was Damon Bass' grandfather.
29 July 2019 ·   2 weeks ago
You may have seen Dory Michell in her t-shirt, or one of our hundreds of real peacock feathers all over the James Burton Guitar Festival.
30 March 2007 ·   2 weeks ago
He did a video interview of us too. Nice guy!
29 July 2019 ·   2 weeks ago
Seemed like that feather was everywhere back in the day.
29 July 2019 ·   2 weeks ago
A benefit show we produced for Yogie and Friends (formerly) Exotic Cat Sanctuary. Several bands played at the former Harlequin Alley (Soundstage 516 to most of us) for a very good cause.
23 November 2007 ·   2 weeks ago
At the James Burton International Guitar Festival '07.
31 March 2007 ·   2 weeks ago
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